About us

Holdijk Haamberg is the leading global supplier of high quality turnkey systems, integrated production lines and stand-alone processing equipment for processing animal by-products in the red meat industry.


In 1950 Holdijk started as a producer of high quality casings. In order to deliver casings of the best quality we began to design our own range of reliable and professional machines that increase the productivity. When our machines proved to be highly successful, we decided to make them available to you. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of your operational processes and our machinery, we can optimize your value proposition to suit your needs.

What: Equipment and related accessoiries for all animal by-products including white offal.

For whom: Slaughterhouses, Collectors, Processing facilities and pharmaceutical plants.

Holdijk Haamberg is ‘Made in Germany’ and headquartered in Gronau (NRW), Germany

With our dedicated team of professionals we strive to provide our clients, located all over the world, with high quality equipment, innovating value adding solutions, lifetime services, abundant experiences and turnkey solutions for processing animal by-products with maximum quality and lowest operational expenses.

Thanks to our dedicated agents in many European countries as well as in emerging markets, such as Russia, Brazil and Asia, we are able to serve you best.

Your input combined with our continuous innovation has made Holdijk Haamberg an important name in the slaughtering industry. Together we can bring your products to their full potential, now and in the future.

Your succes is our best pleasure!

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