Hog Production Machines

Intestines Hanging Conveyor (DAHB)     
Stomach Cutting Machine (SCM)
(Automatic) Stomach Washing Machine (STM550)
Casing Puller (CP450)
Automatic Hog Casing Cleaning Line 60-120SD(F)4-6
Hot Water Recycling System (HWR)
Cold Water Recycling System (CWR)
Deblooding Machine (DB80)
Hog Casing Calibrating Machine (SDSM18)
Measuring Machine (MM70)
Tubing Machine (TB2)
Salting- and netting machine (SNM200)
Salting- and bundling machine (SBM200)
Fatends Defatting Line (FPB)  
Chitterling defatting machine (DFM750)     
Chitterling Rinsing Tube  (KSR)  
Chitterling Demanuring Machine (KEM800)
Washing machine (FWM5000)  
(Automatic) Stomach Washing Machine (STM550)  
Tierce barrow   (FKR)
Washing Centrifuge
Intestines Hanging Conveyor (DAHB)

Intestines Hanging Conveyor (DAHB)

The Intestines Hanging Conveyor DAHB is a transport system used to process intestine packages and simultaneously employees can separate all parts of the package piece by piece. As the packages are hanging free there will be no cross-contamination.

The Intestines Hanging Conveyor DAHB brings the package in front of the employee. As the package is not laying on the table anymore the several parts of the package can easily been pulled out of the package, which is ergonomic justified. Parts such as spleen, net fat, pancreas, stomach, runner, ruffle fat, fat-end and chitterling can be removed easy and clean to be able to process further.

It is specially designed for different projects based on the variety of needs and layouts. The equipment efficiently optimizes the production logistic in the gut room where all by-products can be thoroughly cared through our equipment. The quality of output is highly improved.

Stomach Cutting machine

Stomach Cutting Machine (SCM)

Hog stomachs can be produced as so-called pouch cut or butterfly cut. This machine is meant to produce butterfly cut stomachs.

The stomach is removed out of the package and being fed into the stomach cutting machine to produce a butterfly cut stomach. A conveyor chain takes the stomach and conveys them over a circular knife where the stomachs are being cut open. The stomach content drops down. While the stomachs are being conveyed further through the machine the remaining stomach content is being rinsed of off the stomach with water. The used water is being collected under the machine and with help of a pump pumped back into the machine. At the end of the machine, the opened and emptied stomachs drop into the funnel of the stomach washing machine.

Stomach Washing Machine

(Automatic) Stomach Washing Machine (STM550)

This machine washes and deslimes stomachs and is also used for whitening beef stomachs. It is manufactured from high quality stainless steel and other corrosion resistant materials.


  • Up to 1200 / hour
  • Motor 1.5 kW
  • Water 1 liter / stomach
Casing Puller

Casing Puller (CP450)

This machine can be used when running off either hog or beef gut.
It reduces operator fatigue when compared with hand pulling as there is only need to guide the gut.

The wheel profile ensures manure is retained within the gut for subsequent removal by manure stripper.

– 450 hog runners
– 70 beef runners

Manufactured from stainless steel and other corrosion resistant materials.

Depending on the required capacity we can place multiple casing pullers in line and equip them with pneumatic casing loaders to feed the runner over the feeding chain of the casing cleaning line.

Automatic Hog Casing line

Automatic Hog Casing Cleaning Line 60-120SD(F)4-6

Technical Data:

Type SD 60 80 100 120 120 120 150
Width (cm) 60 80 100 120 120 120 150
ASC 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
FIN 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
AMS 0 0 0 0 1 2 2
Total machines 4 4 4 4 5 6 6
Capacity (runners/h) 250 350 450 550 600 750 900
Smaller capacities are available as also universal cleaning lines for multiple species.
Hot water consumption (45°C)  
without HWR (m³/h) 3.0 3.6 4.4 5.2 6.4 7.4 9,0
with HWR (m³/h) 0.4 0.45 0.5 0.55 0.6 0.65 1,8
Coldwater consumption  
without CWR (m³/h) 0.6 0.6 0.8 1.0 1.0 1.0 1,2
with CWR (m³/h) 0.06 0.06 0.08 0.1 0.1 0.1 0,12
Power (kW) 10.5 10.5 10.5 10.5 11.8 13.1 13,1
HWR Pump (kW) 2.2 2.2 2.2 2.2 4.0 4.0 5,5
HWR Fat-paddle Motor (kW) 0.12 0.12 0.12 0.12 0.12 0.12 0,12


ASC: Automatic Stripper/Crusher machine
AMS: Automatic Manure/Mucus Stripper machine
FIN: Finisher/dethreading machine
HWR: Hot Water Recycling System (45°C)
CWR: Cold Water Recycling System


  • 24 Volt-switch panel (CE-Norm) for security


  • Hot water recycling system: pump: 2.2-4.0 kW, fat paddle motor: 0.12 kW
  • Air flotation system: 5 kW + Air pressure 6 bar
  • Cold water recycling system pump: 1.85 kW
  • Automatic greasing system: All rollers and/or motor shafts will be greased automatically, grease pump: 24 Watt

Applying the hot and cold water recycling system can yield savings up to 90%

Hot Water Recycling system

Hot Water Recycling System (HWR)

This system can save up to 90 % water consumption during an 8 hour working day. The tank is up to 7.54 metres long and is positioned alongside the gut cleaning line.
Water flows out of the cleaning line tank through several overflow outlets into the hot water recycling tank.
The water settles down here which allows the mucosa to fall to the bottom and the fat to float on the surface, where it is scraped off by the nylon scraper blades.
The water flows through the heat exchanger area to bring the temperature back to the required level and then through two filters, before being pumped back into the gut cleaning system.


Technical data:

  • Fat scraper motor 0.12 kW
  • 4-Machines Line Pump 2,2 kW
  • 6-Machines Line Pump 4,0 kW
  • Heat exchanger 85 kg Steam 3 bar or Heater water 95°C 3,5 m³/hour in recirculation
  • Option: DAFS dissolved air floatation system 5.0 kW
Cold Water Recycling system

Cold Water Recycling System (CWR)

This tank recirculates cold water used on the finishing machine by passing the water through filters and settling areas before pumping it back to the finishing machine.

The system can save up to 90 % of the water used during an 8 hour working day.

Technical data

  • Pump 1,85 kW
  • Construction materials stainless steel 304 (AISI), nylon
Deblooding Machine

Deblooding Machine (DB80)

This stainless steel machine is for pulling and stripping out the excess blood to reduce the discolouration to the runners or casings. The machine has a 24volt stop/start box and a fail safe switch fitted to the removable guards. There is a central greasing system. The machine is robust, safe and simple to operate and relieves the operator of hand pulling the hanks out of one soaking tank to another.

This machine will process up to 800 casings per hour and can be used for stripping over from one soaking tank to another and from one soaking tank to the salting operation. The machine has two soft stripping rollers and one agitating roller to shake off excess water. It is a side fed machine where the operator takes the soaked casing knots of 20 runners and passes them through the side of the two rollers whilst keeping hold of the knot. This operation pulls and strips the discoloured water off the runners and also rinses them as they pass out of the back of the machine over the agitating roller.


  • Consumption: 0.8 m³ per hour
  • Temperature: cold


  • Motor: 1.1 kW
Hog Casing selection table

Hog Casing Calibrating Machine (SDSM18)

This selection table features a motorised pulling wheel which significantly reduces operator fatigue normally associated with hand pulling, this results in enhanced production figures.

A built-in electronic counter records operator’s daily quantities necessary in monitoring production targets.

Checking by water introduced in the casing from a touch tap. The table incorporates calibrating gauge and casing cutter.

The table is manufactured from high quality stainless steel and other corrosion resistant materials and incorporates product shelve.


  • 18 Hanks / hour
  • Motor 220 Volt

Calibrating tables are available in various shapes and sizes.

Measuring Machine

Measuring Machine (MM70)

This machine can be used on hog, sheep and beef casings. The machine is simple to operate and extremely reliable. The rotating parts in the drive mechanism run in an oilbath. The length of the casings can be controlled to within 10 cm. The control unit is assembled separately from the main body and has the following features:

a. The control counter for setting the length.
b. An ends counter
c. Two bundle counters

  • for counting the days production
  • for counting different types of casings put through during the day.


  • 70 hank hog/sheep casing/hour
  • 150 bundle beef casings/hour
  • (1 hank = 91 metres, 1 bundle = 18 metres)

This machine is manufactured from high quality stainless steel and other corrosion resistant materials

Tubing Machine

Tubing Machine (TB2)

Tubing of casings (Hog, Beef, Sheep) is more and more taken over by sorting businesses in delivering the casings pre-tubed in order to facilitate the work of the sausage production.

In our programme we also offer a machine which is capable of tubing on two sides simultaneously.


  • 15-20 Hanks / Side / Hour
  • Length adjustable till 60 cm

The whole is solidly manufactured and needs little maintenance.

Salting- and netting machine

Salting- and netting machine (SNM200)

For use with sheep, hog, horse and beef casings. Manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel AISI 316. This machine features spreading pins to enable casings to receive an adequate covering. The machine consists of a salting table and a pulling machine.

There are two methods of processing:

  1. Catching the salted casings into nets
  2. Catching the salted casings into tanks leaving them for 24 hours to drain then load into barrels using the pulling machine


  • 180 bundles hog/sheep runners / hour
  • 450 bundles beef/horse casings / hour

As an alternative we can supply the pulling machine with a 3-armed carousel with on every arm 2 tubes. This carousel comes instead of the 2 tubes underneath the pulling machine.

Salting- and bundling machine

Salting- and bundling machine (SBM200)

For use with sheep, hog, horse and beef casings. Manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel AISI 316. This machine features spreading pins to enable casings to receive an adequate covering. Salt loss is kept to a minimum as the surplus salt falling from the casing is retained and collected by the machine for re-use.


  • 1000 hog/sheep runners / hour (=ca. 225 Hanks)
  • 200 bundle beef/horse casings / hour
Defatting line

Fatends Defatting Line (FPB)

After pulling the fatend out of the package, it needs to be refined to become suitable to be used as a sausage skin or for human consumption.
The fatend needs to be rinsed to lose the content inside the fatend and after that the fatend needs to be defatted. These steps can be done with help of our Fatends Defatting Line.

The first step is to hang the fatend on a one of the hooks on the conveyer. The conveyor brings the fatend in front of the employees. Depending on the required capacity the Fatends Defatting Line can be supplied in a variety of lengths to give place to the correct amount of employees. These employees can rinse the fatend, trim the bladder, uterus and fat and at the end de-crown the fatend.

Depending on the required capacity the fatend can now be processed in our defatting machine DFM for a final treatment.

The height of the Fatends Defatting Line is suitable to process full length fatends including afterend. For this reason you are able to process fatends for any kind of market.
The Fatends Defatting line will be supplied with a rinsing station, platforms and a collecting chute for trimmings.

Chitterling Defatting Machine

Chitterling defatting machine (DFM750)

This machine defats and deslimes chitterlings, fatends, stomachs, middles and bungs. The temperature of the water and the time the product spends in the machine is varied to suit the local condition of the product.

Additional features such as a timer and mixing valves can be supplied.

This machine is manufactured from high quality stainless steel and other corrosion resistant materials.

Technical Data:


  • chitterlings, fat ends, stomachs, beef middles, beef bungs


  • 5.5 kW


  • 45kg/cycle

Water consumption hot and cold water supply required approx. 800 litre/ hour

Chitterling Rinsing Tube

Chitterling Rinsing Tube  (KSR)

In order to make chitterlings free of manure you need a double tube. The manure must easily be removed without polluting the intestines. With this rinsing tube also turning is quick and simple.

Option: Delivered with table, tray and gutter for removing the manures

Chitterling Demanuring Machine

Chitterling Demanuring Machine (KEM800)

Because of the fact that labour costs keep rising, it is no longer profitable to rinse chitterlings, which means that the chitterlings need to be destroyed and burned.  The H+H Chitterling demanuring machine has been designed to cut open the chitterling and separate it from the manure.

Furthermore, after being cut open, the chitterlings are rinsed in the second unit (optional) so that it can be used for petfood.


  • 700 chitterlings / hour
  • Saving: approximately 2.5 kg Manure / Chitterling
  • Motor: 11 kW

Benefits H+H Chitterlings Demanuring Machine:

  • Clean manure; no meat or fat parts in the manure; to be carried off on land
  • Also suitable for whole rejected casing bowels
  • The end product can be processed as fats
  • Also to be installed as single machine; the product goes in Category III, still clean manure
  • The knifes are easy to replace
  • Very robust and static-free
Washing machine

Washing machine (FWM5000)

Our FWM5000 washing machine has been designed to gently wash soft red organs, such as lungs and kidney as also fatends and stomachs.
The mesh wash drum is driven by a worm transmission through a gear cluster. This ensures that load on and speed of the motor is greatly reduced.

Capacity: 50 kgs per cycle.
Including: 24 V Switch board CE-Norm, including emergency stop.
Water use: 800 ltr per hour.

The machine is manufactured from high quality stainless steel and other corrosion resistant materials.

Stomach washing machine

(Automatic) Stomach Washing Machine (STM550)

This machine washes and deslimes hog stomachs and is also used for whitening sheep paunches.
Also, the machine can be used to wash hearts tongues, tails, gullet and head meat.
It is manufactured from high quality stainless steel and other corrosion resistant materials.


  • 30 Litre per cycle
  • Motor 1.5 kW
  • Water 600 litre / hour
Tierce barrow

Tierce barrow   (FKR)

This tierce barrow is made of stainless steel (AISI 316) and is very stable.
The rubber wheels assembled have bearings which are closed up on two sides.

With this tierce barrow 99.9 % of the tierces in the market can be moved without any problem.

Capacity: 300 kg.
Dimensions: LxWxH: 1.500 x 800 x 385 mm

Washing Centrifuge

Washing Centrifuge

Our range of centrifuges is used to wash, de-hair, scald and/or refine any kind of offal and by-products of beef, sheep and hog such as paunch, rennet and book stomach, feet, head, mask, heart and many more.

Based on your demand we can offer a wide range of models suitable for your needs.

The machine can be fully automated and in that case free programmed to control the water temperature, water consumption and rotation speed.

The special-designed machines enable the inputs to be thoroughly cleaned. The machine is very easy to operate, clean and to be maintained.