Holdijk Service & Spares team

The Holdijk Service & Spares team is headquartered in Gronau, Germany. Our goal is to support our customers in realizing their optimal balance in Maximizing equipment availability, Highest Yields and minimal Life Cycle costs.

We call this help: Customer success management


We support you in managing your success within the following areas:

  • Equipment Installation

After delivering our equipment we can support you connecting it in your production area. We can support you Turn Key, with an Installation Team or with a Installation Supervisor


  • Commissioning & Training

When your employees fully understand the equipment, have increased their level of competency and built up a solid knowledge base of the machinery and technology, they will be able to ensure that production keeps running at an optimum level. Holdijk Haamberg GmbH is your partner in training your employees to maximize the capabilities of your equipment


  • 24/7 emergency support

With several service vehicles we can guarantee optimal support in Germany, the Netherlands and other neighbouring countries. To provide optimal global support, H+H Service & Spares has a rapid-react team equipped with professional technical engineers, mechanics, logistics specialists and after-sales managers.

Our specialists are customer oriented and flexible, which gives them the ability to act on an ad hoc basis. They have extensive knowledge and experiences in slaughtering by-products equipment.


  • Preventive Maintenance

Due to successive operation and life cycle constrains, all machines need continual maintenance and repairs to keep ensure a stable performance and to minimize downtime. Our service team delivers the best solution on site. Thanks to our service vehicles our team can reach virtually all clients in Western Europe. Worldwide we support you by using your tools or together with your maintenance team in the role of maintenance supervisor.


  • Spare parts

All our parts are manufactured using high quality materials and made for optimal performance in all our equipment. We make use of specially selected original (OEM) parts because of their proven performance, which makes Holdijk Haamberg GmbH your first choice in providing the right part for the right application.

We have many spare parts on stock and ensure the shortest possible delivery time. We can also offer you the optimal spare parts package for your basic service needs. We will inform you of the spare parts you should keep in stock to guarantee certain parts are immediately available. This results in the shortest possible interruption of your equipment availability, thus getting the most out of your investment and maximizing the performance of your equipment.

We have a team of logistic spare parts coordinators that will help you in efficiently handling your spare parts needs, whether an individual part is concerned or a spare parts package.


  • Optimizing, modernization and upgrades

We make sure that the quality of your production line is maintained and continually improved.

Our team of specialists is dedicated to providing you with suitable suggestions and ideas to optimize the operational process to ensure the quality of your output. We help you by sharing our growing knowledge with you and applying this to our upgrades